Huntington Beach Reads One Book (HBREADS) was formed in 2006 after our founder, Fred Provencher, visited the city of Chicago, Illinois and learned of a reading program that was being managed and operated in a Chicago suburb community. Hearing about the success of the program and the value it was bringing students and community members, it was decided a similar program could be possible in Huntington Beach.

Working with the Huntington Beach Human Relations Task Force, a model was developed that included a plan to support seven area high schools as well as the community of Huntington Beach with a reading program that promoted literacy as well as diversity.

Books selected must meet the following criteria:

  • Diversity theme
  • Not longer than 300 pages in length
  • Appropriate for high school age 16 and up students
  • Cost no more than $15.00

The first book selected by the Human Relations Task Force members to support HBReads was “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson. It was perfect timing for the first year of launching HBReads. From the time the author agreed to come to HBReads and present to the students and community the book became a national sensation. The authors appearance drew guests from all over Southern California and HBReads was off and running.

In the years since HBReads has committed to purchase enough copies of the book to provide each of the 7 area high schools with copies that can be shared by students and used by teachers to promote reading, diversity and art. HBReads has promoted several themes over the years including, migrant families, bullying, human trafficking, autism, disabled war veterans and civil rights.

Each year, the author of the book selected visits our community and shares their experiences that resulted in the writing of their book. The authors visit draws as many as 1,200 students and 1,000+ community members.

In 2013 HBReads applied for and was granted 501(c)3 status. Tax ID: 46-1538290