2019 Book Selection:

Double Luck Memoirs Of A Chinese Orphan

Written by Lu Cha Fa With Becky White

When Lu Chi Fa’s parents died in 1944, he was only three years old.  The timing of the tragedy could not have been worse.  In China it was a time of political turmoil and severe hardship.  Few people willingly took in orphans, and Chi Fa’s extended family was no exception.  Young Chi was shuffled from one house to another as his relatives, one by one, turned him away.  Even his loving sister was forbidden by her husband to take him under her roof.  Chi Fa was always hungry, often cold, and frequently beaten.  Yet through all his struggles, Chi Fa held on to his sister’s hopeful words: “You are lucky, Chi Fa. Good fortune will find you.”

This Stirring memoir of a painful childhood tells a story of resilience and courage and attests to the power of even small fragments of kindness.

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